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Meet the team: Introducing… Sophie

24 Feb 2020
Introducing our new Practice Manager/Executive Assistant, Sophie.
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Jennifer's story

08 May 2019
Jennifer is an ongoing patient of mine who has recently undergone treatment…
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Vanessa's story

28 Oct 2018
My amazing patient Vanessa shares her story of coming to terms with breast…
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Healthy after 50: Five things you should know about your breasts and breast cancer

21 Jun 2018
Many women who come to my clinic assume that as they grow older and their bodies…
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New study suggests patients with small tumours may skip lymph node biopsies

18 Apr 2018
Breast cancer patients with small yet invasive tumours known as microinvasive…
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Self-care and cancer

13 Feb 2018
As cancer treatment can at times leave you feeling unwell, unhappy, or just not…
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New study a game-changer for high-risk patients

18 Jan 2018
A new study published in The Lancet Oncology journal has found that a particular…
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Breast cancer hand-held imaging a step closer

29 Nov 2017
An Australian invention that aims to improve the accuracy of breast cancer…
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Treatment trials radically reducing radiation times

14 Sep 2017
One of the most exciting things I find in my field of work, and as a researcher,…
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How the landscape has changed in the search for a cure for breast cancer

14 Sep 2017
Today I want to share with you an edited version of a chapter in the book Breast…
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Getting the facts straight – alcohol and breast cancer

14 Sep 2017
We’re often presented with conflicting information about alcohol.
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Accuracy improvements of mammograms

14 Sep 2017
In the world of breast cancer care, and indeed medical research, there are…
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05 Jul 2017
At Chris O’Brien Lifehouse our team is made up of a number of skilled and…
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Introducing the Spy Elite System

20 Apr 2017
The SPY Elite system is the most advanced imaging system available to improve…
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10 things you can do to protect against breast cancer

16 Mar 2017
One of the questions I’m asked most as a breast oncology consultant and…
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Patient Profile - Emma

27 Jan 2017
We asked our beloved patient Emma about her experience with breast cancer. This…
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My job as a breast oncology surgeon - a day in the life of Sanjay

13 Jan 2017
​Part of my philosophy is being open with my patients and their families to…
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World-renowned surgical oncologist collaboration

18 Nov 2016
​A wonderful part of my job is getting to meet inspiring specialists at the top…
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SBCF Ladies Lunch helps fund cancer research

21 Oct 2016
Every day in my job I see the important work that the Sydney Breast Cancer…
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Why I chose oncology

14 Oct 2016
One of the hardest parts of my job is having conversations with people to assist…
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